Toronto-Danforth Multicultural Community Services Hockey Tournament

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  • Each team will have 3 players to start the game and max 3 subs & minimum 1sub
  • The team with the highest number of points at the end of regulation wins the game
  • A win (W) is awarded for the winning team, same for overtime
  • Win=2 pts Tie=1pts Lose=0pts
  • Team Records are based off of Win- Loss ratio
  • Each round robin game will be played up to 7 points or 15 minutes (whichever is first)
  • Each playoff game will be played up to 9 points or 20 minutes (whichever is first)
  • Final game will go up to 11 points, no time. If the score is 10, 10. Then “Win by 2” rule will be in affect


  • Coin toss to determine which team receives ball first
  • Game will begin with a check ball behind the 3-pt arc
  • First pass after check
  • Clear after every possession behind the 3 point arc, except if offensive team rebounds the ball, therefore the offensive team may score without clearing
  • Losers ball after every successful field goal of opposing team
  • If defensive team steals, blocks or rebounds a shot, they must clear behind 3-pt arc, after a rebound the defensive team must let the offensive rebounder out of the paint
  • Possession of dead ball (travel, foul, out of bounds) will result in checking the ball
  • In the event of a jump ball situation the defensive team will receive the ball
  • Substitutions will only be allowed during the time of a dead ball, substitutes must wait at the scorer’s table in order to be allowed entry into the game


Every player must wear running shoes, and shorts/ track pants and t-shirt


  • All fouls will be called under the same guidelines as the NBA and/or NCAA. There are some exceptions that are listed below.
  • Player Fouls- a total of 6 fouls committed by a player will result in ejection from the game
  • After a foul has been called the team convicted for the foul will check the ball to the opposing team


  • Any physical contact made by a defensive player to the offensive player
  • Charges (common foul) - If the offensive player runs into the defensive player, who is standing still and not in the restricted area. The restricted area is the semi-circled marked with dashed lines
  • Blocking (common foul) - If the offensive player runs into the defensive player, who is in motion and/or in the restricted area
  • Swearing- Can be either common or flagrant foul. Referee's decision
  • Fighting - Is an automatic flagrant 2, resulting in a fine, and ejection from the game, a game misconduct will be determined by the tournament officials.
  • Flagrant 1 Foul- possession for the other team and automatic 2 fouls given to the player convicted
  • Flagrant 2 Foul- possession for the other team and the player convicted will be ejected and fined.


  • Ejection from the game due to fight/argument, $10 fine
  • Game Misconduct carries a 1 game suspension and a $15 fine.
  • Any player who leaves the bench during any kind of altercation will be assessed a fine and/ or an ejection from the game.
  • If a player is involved in any altercation after the game, their suspensions are automatically doubled


  • All suspensions can be appealed through a process.
  • Process consists of a panel of 3 people.
  • Input will be taken from the referee's.
  • Input will be taken from the player suspended and any other players involved.
  • Other factors will be taken into consideration like the players history.